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Mindshare Composer Lite Product Description

Broadcast, Record and Communicate More Effectively with Interactive MPEG-4 Webcast Presentations

The Mindshare™ Composer webcasting solution consists of a plug-and-play appliance that records and broadcasts interactive MPEG-4 presentations to desktops over IP networks. Mindshare Composer produces live events with low latency, and on-demand content as single, interactive MPEG-4 (.mp4) files. These files can be distributed for local playback or streamed from an MPEG-4 server.


As Easy as Connecting Your LCD Video Projector

The presenter simply connects a PC (with the supplied VGA cable) and a video camera (with a video cable) to the Mindshare Composer appliance. The appliance broadcasts the screen capture of the PC with the live audio and video from the camera as one interactive stream. The presenter shares – with the audience – any software application displayed on the screen, while recording the entire presentation as one interactive MPEG-4 (.mp4) file.