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Envivio TV for Windows Product Description


EnvivioTV is the first MPEG-4 player available implementing the MPEG-4 Advanced2D graphics profile, providing content designers with the ability to create standards-based mixed media content. Standards-based mixed media provides content providers with the capability to stream or locally play rich media content based on the ISO/MPEG-4 open standard. Existing content such as audio, video, graphics, text and 2D animations (such as Macromedia Flash) can be easily converted into a single MPEG-4 file with the software solution Envivio sells today for production and distribution of MPEG-4 content. The MPEG-4 file or stream can then be distributed over virtually any network and played on any MPEG-4 compliant device, which gives content providers and distribution networks a single non-proprietary standard for worldwide multimedia distribution. Through Envivio's partnership with Sigma Designs and other broadcast hardware companies, Envivio provides a standards-based path for content to be viewed in future devices such as digital set top boxes, mobile phones, and new media display devices. MPEG-4 mixed media and EnvivioTV changes the way video, data and interactivity can be constructed and distributed through the Internet, Cable and Satellite networks today.

EnvivioTV is also the first MPEG-4 standards based plug-in to the QuickTime and Real players. This allows MPEG-4 media to play in the leading streaming media player platforms without requiring the viewer to necessarily download new viewing programs. Content distributors can ensure users will experience the same presentation if they use either Real or QuickTime. By providing a layer of interoperability that works between clients, content providers have the capability to decrease encoding and distribution costs.